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Mysterious Universe


The latest news from beyond the mainstream.

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X51.ORG : Occult News for Nerds, Truth is Out There.


オカルト、超常現象、宇宙人、UMA等についてのニュース。奇界遺産。Occult News

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-, for those who want to know. WantToKnow is een toonaangevende website over alles wat u niet in de mainstream media hoort, ziet of leest.

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La mentira está ahí fuera


El punto de vista de un escéptico

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The Shadowlands


Dedicated to the world's mysteries such as ghosts and haunted places, UFOs, Bigfoot and Nessie, Crytozoology and many other mysteries.

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- - The Largest RC Helicopter Online Store online at the Lowest Price. HeliPal is the largest rc helicopter online store. HeliPal is famous for their Fast Shipping,...

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Vortal Rzeczy Paranormalnych


Stanowimy społeczność miłośników zjawisk nadnaturalnych i teorii alternatywnych. Nie boimy się tematów trudnych i kontrowersyjnych.

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Illuminati News Welcome Page


All this chaos, genocide, ethnic cleansing and disaster we see in this world have a genuine purpose. It is all very carefully planned by a few “invisible”, super-rich people...

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Motorcycle bodywork, 6000+ fairings, tanks & tails, USA built!


Airtech makes the world's largest selection of motorcycle bodywork. Vintage to modern fairings, tanks, seats & more for your cafe racer, street or race bike

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PAO Deutschland - Planetare AktivierungsOrganisation — Treffpunkt Planetare...


PAO Deutschland - Offizielle Website im deutschsprachigen Raum für Sheldan Nidle und die Galaktische Föderation

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Actos de Amor


Actos de Amor, Nueva Era, esoterismo, amor, relajación, meditación, cristianismo, virgen, ovnis, amor, milagros, cristo, cuentos, ufo, reflexiones, pensamientos, sanación a...

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Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal


A daily dose of paranormal activity, cryptids, UFOs, unexplained phenomena, alien beings and eyewitness encounters

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ADF es la más grande web cristiana en español del mundo, con análisis objetivos sobre las profecías bíblicas, armagedón, anticristo, sello de la bestia, etc. además de noticias...

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HobbyGaGa - Achats en Ligne Globaux pour Hélicoptères, FPV Quadcopter,...


HobbyGaGa est Célèbre pour l'Expédition Rapide, Prix bas et Bon Service. Nous aimons Modèle RC et FPV, Prise de Vue Aérienne, Caméra Cardan! Nous avons la Gamme Complète des...

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Apparently Apparel - Home


Apparently Apparel® - Shirts to cover the people. News to cover their stories. Buy or sell apparel, read or write news, or just plain hang out. Website Powered by ZachRoyer Web...

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Il negozio del motocross - crosShop


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Boutique de magie Magicaplanet, magasin en ligne


MagicaPlanet : Decouvrez le monde fantastique de la magie. vente d'articles et accessoires magie. professionnels et profanes,tours de magie. conseils , magie enfants, tour de...

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Unexplained Mysteries, Aliens & Strange things | Strange Unexplained Mysteries


The world is full of unexplained mysteries, mysterious and secret places, conspiracies, ancient alien evidence and strange events There are so many unexplained phenomena, There...

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